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The early success in Google` Android.
As the market leader in search engine on the Internet, Google has many products which contribute to more than 95% revenue in the of 2007and 2008. After seeing the great opportunities in mobile telecommunications, based on increasing suscribers, Google planned to expanded its business in mobile industry in 2007(Already offering mobile service in 2011). According to the business expansion framework, in order to enter the existing market, google want to either bring incremental changes or launch new platform or both. In 2007, It turned out that Google jiekaishenmimiansha of Android, as an open source operation system for smartphones, and Open Handset Alliance(OHA), launched the first Android phone G1 lauched in 2008.

In both Five force and the value net theories, every player in the market is playing its important in the game. Buyers, suppliers complements, even competitors are leverageing from each other players. All of the players compromise the dynamic game. In order to have its footstep, google implement a series of strategic actions.

OHA which is leading by Google, has variety members thoughout the value net, in terms of Mobile operators, semiconductor companies, handset Manfactures, software companies and commercialization companies. Google can leverage from the upper stream and down stream to compete. Also, in 2007, Android software development kit(SDK) can be downloaded. Differing from other SDKsin the industry requiring high membership fee, Android SDK is free for all developers. That enhance the innovation abilities of android. Moreover, chipset providers can use open standard to create the advanced platform.

At that time, some of the competitors are forcusing on the outlook appealing, Google` android want to make the more functionality, performance. Positioning to costomers who are seeking for advanced experience smartphones. Google and Apple were two of the pioneer.

The challenges for Android.

In PESTEL mode, there are many factors affecting the industry second bu second. In order to stand in mobile industry, Google has to consider each possible dangers and trap on its way to success. As part of IT industry, technology is important. As Andoid` open source mode, it is easy for other competitor to steal its ideas, such as incompatible legal copy of the code. IP intelligence is always the hot topic, but facing the legal issues is never been a easy problem.
More chanllenges of Android can be seen by 5 force.
Buyers. Android buys can be any form of users, here, we just focue on the end users. As mentioned before, mobile users are seeking for functional, high permance smartohone. Buyers have more power if Andriod can not built unique product.

Ios by Apple is Google`s competitor. Apple lauched its platform iOS at 2007, the marketshare of apple kept increasing and have a strong brand loyalty. Apple has its own product line in both hardware and software. Moreover, the istore and

Nokia has acquired Symbian, and start to open souce by 2010, Android will face more.

Suppliers and complents
The reason why suppliers and compements would be talked…