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Khadim Faye
Professor Boyce
BSAD 408
Responsible Business Ownership
September 13, 2013

#1. Some Legal in this scenario is that Karl is doing the average task which a salesperson would make “Generating Ideas in order to make Sales.” This would be considered ethical. But the use of nudity in social networking sites that are not labeled as standalone adult product is illegal. It was a good idea of Karl & Will making these changes before being fined or any other disciplined actions took place.
Karl has many options in this case. Since the games can no longer go public, he can now brainstorm other ideas for the non adult section for gamers. If Karl can come up with other ways to attract this segment of the market, Then Bounce will still be able to generate sales as they were before switching. This will also give Bounce a high-quality image on the company. People will view Bounce as a responsible and caring companies that would like to attract all aged gamers, and are doing it an acceptable manner.

3. The commercial use of sex, violence, and gambling should only be commercialized to the people who are 18 and older. When it comes to gaming, it can be very influential to adolescents. Children at this point of there life are trying to develop an identity for themselves, therefore sex and violence wouldn’t be any much of a positive help in influencing them to stay positive. I agree with Karl’s parent “there is more at stake than just a computer game.” It is good that Karl brought up the issue to will without hesitation of being treated differently. Instead will respected the idea and realized that Karl it right.
When it comes to what children see and experience throughout their childhood, the United States can be pretty uptight about the situation. In many other countries, there are more lenient on what’s acceptable and what not. In certain places like Japan, sex is considered as a normal part of life (Velgus, 2012). Even on children television shows and comics, the use of…