Androids at its best Essay

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Emily Forest
February 18, 2014

Androids at Its Best Among all the technology mankind has created, cell phones have made a great impact in the world today. In present time cell phones are now known as smart phones. Are these phones smart? Yes. In fact they've created new forms of phones from key pads to touch screen. Technicians have made phones smarter and continue to do so. Many are sometimes uncertain or indecisive when it comes to choosing the right device. Of the many devices Androids, have over-powered all. Although the battery life is short, Androids are great because they have larger screens, removable battery/storage and the ability to download music from various websites for free. Android smart phones come in many large sizes, which is ideal. When it comes to viewing videos, web surfing and gaming on your smart phone, bigger is usually always better. I'm talking about screen size of course. Android always guarantees a large screen no matter what. Androids also offer many different screen sizes. For example,the HTC One has a 4.7 -inch HD screen; the Samsung Galaxy S III has a 4.8 -inch HD screen, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2has a 5.5 -inch HD screen. You will never see an Android device with a screen measuring less than 4.3 inches. The only disadvantage of theses large screens is that they are more power hungry, which can take a toll on a phones limited battery life but, it’s still great to have a phone with a large screen. Another reason why Android phones are good is having a removable battery/ storage which is convenient. Androids have a great advantage: the ability to take out, swap and upgrade your battery/ storage, SD card. If you find that you've maxed out the storage on an iPhone, you’re pretty much out of luck. Whereas with an Android phone you can simply pop in a new SD card and have more gigabytes and storage to play with. Similarly, you can swap out a spare battery for longer trips or even get an extended battery that'll help your phone go longer without charging. It's just so simple to have a removable battery. Android devices also enable you to monitor your space on a SD card. This is beneficial because it allows you to know when you might or might not be using space. Having an android device with a removable battery/storage is more advantageous and vital. Furthermore we all like listening to music from our smart phones, and Androids allow you to do so at no charge. The great thing about smart phones these days is…