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Government Spending Cuts
On the 20th of October 2010 George Osborne put forward the newly planned government cut policy through a presentation. This decision came about as the state in recent years has been spending more money than they have been receiving through taxation. To make the money owed dramatic spending cuts will be applied across the UK. A public service that has been majorly effected by the government saving cuts is the fire service as its two main sources of income are from the government and taxation. Due to these cuts in funding the fire services has had to make dramatic and life changing changes to the service. One way in which they have done this is by lowering the employment levels so there are less wages to pay to staff, also they have decreased the amount of fire engines leading to stations having to share them. This however leaves them with one major problem. If for example there are two towns sharing three fire engines and there is a major fire/event in the one town which requires two out of three engines then if there was to be a major event in the remaining town they would be at a substantial disadvantage which may result in people’s lives being lost. Society has been majorly affected by this government policy as thousands of people each year have been made redundant, losing their jobs because of the governments overspending. Also the cost of government businesses such as dentists has risen and it now costs on average £10 per check up. This is only one of the many effects on society.
Mobile phone policy
The mobile phone policy was put into action on the 27th of February 2007. This policy banned the use of phones whilst…