Essay Cell Phones over Two Decades

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29 September 2013
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Cellular Changes in the Past 20 Years
How did cell phones get to be as advanced as they are today? Today’s cell phones have broken free of their bulky plastic shell and have become mobile computers. Recent cell phones have been altered redesigned bodily and physically, have been comparably functional to a computer, and have many shortcuts to make usage easier.
In the past twenty years the physical design of cell phones has changed entirely. Some say that features of checking E-mails and playing games are unnecessary but smart phones are here to stay (“Rough Guide to iPhone” 7). One of the most noticeable changes is the decrease in bulkiness and weight from 10 pounds to .75 pounds. Phones today also have built in batteries so there is no carrying around an external battery except for some extra charge, which eliminates the wire. Cell phones today can also be called smart phones, which are touch screen with many other useful characteristics that a flip phone would not have and especially not the phones back in the early 90’s. There are other features that come along with the idea of smart phones.
Since the early 90’s, cell phones have “molded” into mini computers. In the modern day phone there is Internet for quick research, social media, games, etc. Other things the phones from the early 90’s didn’t have that the phones today have are calculators, the ability to tell time, built in contacts, music, E-mail, camera, etc. In addition to these features, phones have apps, and games, which can be used for business, school, information or fun. Phones also have the ability to make usage easy and quick. Phones today have shortcuts to make communication and usage easier and quicker. The most noticeable quality is instant messaging which allows one to contact another person without having to call and possibly spend hours on the phone. The most commonly used data application on mobile phones is SMS text messaging…