Essay Flyer: Marketing and Phone Number

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When creating and designing a company brochure there are several things you should include. The first and most obvious would be the name of your company. If your name includes some type of logo you would want to make sure the logo is not overbearing, dominates or detracts from the brochure. The next item to include on your brochure would be your contact information. The contact information should include your company address, phone number, email and website if you have one. Next would be the hours your business operates. Customers need to know when they can purchase your product or receive your services. If your business happens to open on days your competitors at, you may want to emphasize that fact. The next item would of course what service or product you can provide the customer. If you provide a variety of services or product and cant list them all, list your main item and have a statement like “and much more” or “please call for more info”. If your company has some kind of guarantee or warranty list as well if you have room. This gives the potential customer reassurance that you stand by your product or service.

In the construction of my brochure I will include my contact info. This will be my address, phone number, email and website address. This gives the consumer more than one avenue to contact me if they have a question. The name of my business will also be included. I plan to open an automotive repair shop so the name will be Patrick’s Automotive. My…