Grasping Ranges Essay

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Grasping Ranges

Out of the many types of gun ranges out there, there are only three to be concerned with. These should help you with choices you might face when having to decide what type of gun to use and can save your life. Those three types of guns are long range, medium range and short range. All the rest of ranges are lies that people made up to become famous.
Long range guns have the most range for you to shoot with. This includes your sniper rifles and rocket launchers. Most of them have a scope to magnify your target if you wish. These are deadly if you know how to aim with one of these bad boys. However, there is a disadvantage to this type of gun. For instance, if a guy turns the corner a chicken has a wrench, it will hurt that guy! If you had the distance factor to your advantage, then you could have had some home made chicken that night. The long range is probably the best in my opinion because you are safe away from danger in you stay in the right place.
Medium range is another type of range for shooting. These are your assault rifles and light machine guns. They are mainly used by armies around the globe and are sometimes mounted on vehicles and buildings. The range for this type is also most used for its convenience of all round ranges and ease of use. The ak-47 is one of the popular examples to give on this type of range for its ratio of range over power. It is used by Russians because of its all round attributes of long and short ranges.
The last type…