Mobile Phone and Article Mashable Lifestyle Essay

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Living in a world with such futuristic devices in our hands, we are able to read, watch, and hear the media within a click of a button. We no longer have to check outside for the weather, we now have an app for it. Cellphones aren't used for emergencies anymore, but rather, for the purpose of always being able to keep in touch with our “social” lives. In fact, in the article Mashable Lifestyle, by Anita Li, study shows that half of the teens couldn't live without their cellphones for a week. While 36% said they weren’t able to go 10 minutes without checking their phones. And a 2011 survey shows that 84% of North America own a cell phone. No doubt about it, this ridiculous escalation of technology within the past couple of years has totally destroyed our utmost spoiled society.

I think I would come in agreement with the majority of society, whether they admit to it or not, that technology is, in fact a major issue of society. And if they refuse agree, we can all just agree to disagree.

Imagine a world where people can no longer speak, because we are so used to texting or tweeting our every thought. A world where people are so caught up with their computers, that they no longer appreciate the supposedly normal everyday routines; like walking. A world where everyone is deprived from their everyday exercises, and yet, have to constantly look after their weight because of the extreme amount of pressure the media extends about the “perfect” look. Such a world, if not already, will exist if no one puts a stop to technology.

I, on the other hand, have a solution to this technological madness. A genius plan that could maybe halt this world from its technological capabilities. My plan, not only benefits its users, but could also possibly benefit this whole world. If I were to go around and collect all the electronics and keep hide them for a year, I am positive that this world will be cured of all its impurities.

This plan is survival of the fittest. Once I confiscate all of the electronics, this world will go mad. You name it; blood-shot eyes, twitchy thumbs, unnecessary rampage down the streets, worthless efforts of burning cars, pointless signs to show that workers are on strike unless we give them their technology.…