On-Line Learning Essay

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Part One: Feelings about On-line Learning 1. My feelings about on-line learning at Ashford University changed over the past five weeks by: a. At first, I thought that I just could not do this going back to school was going to be a big challenge for me. Now I feel after past five weeks my feelings have changed about furthering, my education and this was the best decision I have made in a long time. b. Now I understand what motivates me to seek changes and growth, and now I can begin to develop a plan this I learned in Chapter 5: Learning On-line and Achieving Life Long Goals. c. I can also, work at my own pace which, gives me more time to spend with my family and loved ones. 2. How did your expectations of your instructor and classmates change: a. The instructors are great and offer help when me as a student does not understand something in my materials. They are there to guide me in the right direction. b. My instructors and classmates feedback has been very helpful to me throughout, this course. By giving me their feedback, it has improved on my skills. c. I enjoy responding to the discussion board and the responses that I get back from my classmates. Reason being, I can apply their advice to my on-line learning experience.
Part 2: Future Classes 1. The first, most important thing I will use in my future classes and life are: a. Different styles of the learning process. b. Which ones to use and apply to my school work? c. I have learned different learning activities to help me with writing papers, my typing skills, and places to use as resources for my research. 2. The second, most important thing I will use in my future classes and life are: a. The chart that I made for Time Management I will definitely use in my future classes as well as, my life. It has been a wonderful tool for me. b. Keeping track of the most important things that need to be done such as due dates for my papers or homework. This is important to the on-line learning environment. c. My life seems to be more in order now that I have applied Time Management to my life and my classroom.
Part Three: Continue Doing 1. Several things I felt that went well in this course that I will continue…