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Sample Written Business Plan Outline*

Paper Section

General Topics Covered
Focus Questions/
Cover Page

Company name
Logo and/or tag line
Names of principals [Team Members]

Executive Summary

Purpose of Business
Identify business opportunity
Market size and growth potential
Customer needs
Failing of competitors (if any)
Competitive Positioning
Summary of funding needed

What are the fundamentals of your business and why should anyone pay attention?
Must grab the reader’s attention and include everything that you would cover in a five minute interview

Written Last
2 pg. max
Business Concept/
Product Description

Value Proposition
Keys to success

What are you selling? Describe exactly what your product is and for what purpose it was designed. Discuss how it works, special features, resulting economic, social, or environmental benefits.
Why is your product different or better?
Stress Value Proposition: describe what unique benefit you will provide to a particular set of customers and thus to TJX.

Show TJX the numbers.
3 – 5 pgs.
Market Analysis

Industry Description Growth rates  Target Market
Total market size
Customer needs
Customer preferences
Competitive Analysis
Key competitors
Competitor SWOT
Your Business SWOT

How many potential customers are there? What percentage do you initially plan to target? How did you derive this figure?
How would you describe your customer?
What trends in society support the likelihood of your success? What survey data reinforces your idea?
Who are you competing against? Why are you better?

5- 10 pgs.


General Topics Covered

Focus Questions/
Financial Plan

Start-up Capital requirements 3 year Pro Forma Budget Detailed revenue projections Detailed expense projections Financing Needs Projected payback period

What is the projected financial success of your business?

3-5 pgs.…