The Civilian Advantage Essay examples

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The Civilian Advantage

After being educated on the way a soldier lives it is easy to see that the life of a soldier is much different than that of a civilian. Soldiers and civilians experience differences in all aspects of their lives. They both work for each other, but in different ways. Some of the differences are obvious. Range of pay, benefits, housing, and freedom of choice are some of the few things that separate military life from civilian life. When a soldier starts out in the military, average range of pay is anywhere from $18,000 to $20,000 a year. Just like any job, if one stays long enough, shows good work ethic, and shows they are worth keeping around they have the opportunity to make more money and move up in rank. The military is the same way, but much harder to move up in rank. On average a single civilian makes about $34,000 to $45,000 a year. Depending on hard work, and their dedication it is possible for civilians to earn annual raises. A civilians' job description is completely different than that of a soldier. Soldiers in the military don't just fight wars overseas. When not overseas soldiers have separate jobs they carry out just like civilians. On average a civilian carries a job Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. Jobs in the military may consist of graveyard shifts, standing guard, or being involved with inventory of military equipment. Civilians may sit at a computer desk and enter data, or have a trade job they went to school for. When looking at the rage of pay between civilians and the military, civilians have the easy way out. Most may not like the job or career they have but civilians can always change that. Soldiers don't have the decision to change careers. Once in the military a soldier is required to carry out the contract they made with the government, but working with the government has its perks. Soldiers are covered 100% for any health benefits including major surgeries, dental, vision, and routine checks ups. On the other hand, civilians have to pay individually for all those things. On top of paying separate for everything, and depending on the type of insurance a civilian carries, there could be more owed than just an insurance bill. When a civilian needs glasses, or needs to go to the dentist they go to separate doctors and pay separate bills. Civilians struggle to pay monthly bills even with a decent income. Civilians have been struggling with paying bills for years. The debt of an average civilian is roughly $50,000-$60,000. This could include credit card debt, medical bills, school loans, and housing. Soldiers receive special discounts and benefits that are associated with the job. Instead of student loans, soldiers get their education paid for, as well as housing. Housing seems to be one of the biggest struggles for civilians. More and more civilians each year move in with family members or loved ones. This is not the case for military troops. The government also pays for military housing. Military housing is not like civilian housing. The military doesn't get a choice of who they live with or where they live. Most soldiers are stationed in other states away from family, and friends. Usually military troops are bunked with more than one person at a time, and have to constantly deal with people they may not like or want to live with. Civilians get the choice to live where they want to, live with who they want to, and if civilians don't want a living partner they don't have to have one. Civilians get a choice of buying a house, or renting an apartment or condo. Soldiers and civilians struggle with living situations in completely different ways. Civilians get to decide where they live, who they want to live with and what they live in. Soldiers don't have a choice. When civilians decide to join the military, it is a choice that is made. Once a civilian is in the military freedom of choice is not an option any more. Military personnel are constantly ordered around, they…